Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction means how happy you are doing the work you’re doing. Various factors are important in this regard. Whether or not your job suits your personality, for instance, or whether you’re able to fulfil your ambitions in your work and whether the job fits in with your work values.

Job satisfaction within the company

Job satisfaction surveys are sometimes used within a company to gauge whether all staff are happy with their work. The results enable employers to make decisions on implementing changes or assigning employees to different roles. Thus bolstering productivity, driving down absence rates and improving the atmosphere within the company.

How happy are you?

If you yourself have a sense of no longer being happy in your job and that it might be time for a career switch, then it could help to take another look at your job satisfaction. What do you like within your work and are you really that unhappy? A job satisfaction test will help you to ascertain what it is exactly that you’d like to change within your job, and will give you an understanding of how happy or unhappy you really are.

The quest for job satisfaction

The results will enable you to then decide whether or not you need to start looking for a new job or instead to adjust things in your current role. You might wish to talk with your employer about improving your job satisfaction within your current role.

If you choose to look for another job or perhaps even opt for a career switch, then it’s important for you to first properly explore your options and know what you want. You can do this on the basis of (for example) a personality test, career choice test or personal SWOT analysis. Of course, you can also enlist the help of career advisor.

Exploring the type of company that you’re looking for will reduce the chances of you being unhappy with your job. Read more on choosing a company.