Personal SWOT analysis

A personal SWOT analysis will help you find your own strengths and weaknesses and look at what your threats and opportunities are. A SWOT analysis is a commonly used tool in the world of marketing to explore the strengths and weaknesses of a product and to estimate the threats to and opportunities for the product on the market. A personal SWOT analysis entails doing exactly the same thing, albeit with the focus being on you and your career.


First establish what your strengths are, what you can do well and what will benefit you on the labour market. Above all, it’s important for these strengths to make you properly stand out from the crowd. What can you do better than most people and why should an employer therefore pick you over them?


Then it’s the turn of your weaknesses in the personal SWOT analysis. Everyone has things they’re not so good at, and it’s good to be aware of your own so you can bear them in mind and work on them. Hence you could also refer to these weaknesses as points for improvement.

Career opportunities

Then it’s time to look at your opportunities on the labour market. In this regard, you should mainly consider the opportunities you have in your career which could help you to progress. A vacancy arising in the company, for instance, or a course you could follow.


On the other hand, you’ll also come across threats. Becoming unfit for work, for example, or having a talented colleague competing with you for a particular position. Doing a personal SWOT analysis will give you a clearer picture of these threats, thus ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared on the labour market.