CEB Gartner test

CEB/Gartner is a part of the Gartner company formerly known as SHL. They specialize in the development and publication of psychometric tests. The CEB/ Gartner assessment is common and readily available to recruiters in over fifty countries and in thirty different languages. CEB/Gartner test is the choice for numerous fortune 500 companies in America.

What is the CEB/ Gartner Test?

CEB/Gartner test is a psychometric test used by employers and recruiters for recruitment in an organization. The tests produced are used for the assessment, talent measurement, and recruitment of candidates for organizations.

How is CEB/ Gartner related to SHL?

CEB/ Gartner is owned by Gartner company. Gartner company used to be known as SHL. CEB/ Gartner is a subsidiary of the Gartner company.

Which tests are included in the CEB/ Gartner assessment?

The following tests are the major tests involved in the CEB/Gartner assessment:

Verbal logical reasoning test

These tests are used to analyze and assess the comprehension and analytical skills of potential applicants. It measures the ability of participants to understand written instructions. The twenty minutes test includes a written passage relevant to the workplace, followed by true or false options.

Deductive reasoning test

This test measures the ability of the candidates to draw logical conclusions from a given set of information. Your task is to identify the weakness and strengths of the information as well as completing scenarios from incomplete data. This test takes twenty minutes to complete it.

Numerical logical reasoning test

This test is designed to measure the understanding of numerical data and statistical data. It also measures a candidate’s ability to make logical deductions. This test is used for candidates whose job requires solving numerical problems. Candidates have twenty-five minutes to complete this test without calculators. Candidates are allowed to use rough sheets in their calculations.

Inductive reasoning test

This test measures the ability of candidates to draw inferences and see correlations between independent concepts. You will be required to identify patterns in diagrams and pictures. You should analyze and understand the rules governing them. This test typically lasts about twenty minutes.

Reading and comprehension test

This test measures your understanding of the English language. It places you in your language skill level, which can be beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. It assesses a candidate’s ability to extract information from written passages. You will be asked specific questions whose information is contained in the text such as date. This exam typically takes a maximum of thirty minutes to finish it.


This test assesses your mathematical problem-solving skills. Your basic numerical abilities are put to the test. Simple additions, subtraction, division, and multiplication are used to find the missing variables. This test is usually untimed.

What are the norm group categories for the CEB assessment?

The norm group of applicants depends on two measuring dimensions, the Job level of the individual and the industry the applicants belongs. The percentile grade is used to determine an applicant’s fit for the role they applied for. 50th is considered the mean percentile. Your percentile is your performance compared to other applicants who took the test. The higher your percentile, the better your chances of clinching the role you applied for. A percentile of 80 means you performed better than 80 percent of the other participants. The two dimensions used in measurement are


  • IT
  • Public service
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Telecom and media
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Law and legal
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Pharma, Science, and Healthcare

Job Level:

  • Semi-skilled Technical
  • Skilled Technologist
  • Skilled Technician
  • Administrator
  • Graduate
  • Junior Customer contact
  • Senior customer contact
  • Junior management
  • Managerial and professional.

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