Procter and Gamble assessment

Procter and Gamble is also known as P&G. This multinational consumer goods manufacturing giant employs thousands of people across over one hundred and fifty different brands they own. To ensure it gets the best employees during its’ recruitment cycles, P&G developed its unique online assessment program. The online recruitment cycle includes an application form, multiple tests, and an interview before a panel.

What is the Procter and Gamble assessment test?

P&G assessment test is a group of tests job applicants applying to P&G have to go through during their recruitment process. The purpose of this test is to have a unified way of assessing and recruiting staff into their different brands under the organization.

What tests are part of the P&G Online Assessment?

P&G requires all applicants to take their online assessment tests. The following tests are a part of the P&G online assessment tests:

  1. PEAK Performance Assessment
  2. The P&G Interactive Reasoning Screen Test

What is P&G PEAK Performance Assessment?

The P&G PEAK assessment is more than just an online assessment tool. It is a crucial part of the Procter and Gamble recruitment process. It helps P&G to understand you, the applicant, better. It shows how well you comply with given instructions, your beliefs, and what makes you tick. It looks at your professional interests, workplace persona, compatibility with available roles, and your level of experience. You will typically get questions relating to everyday work scenarios while working for P&G.
The tests’ main goal is to observe how you will react to this seemingly daily work routine. You will answer questions about your personality by selecting the options that best reflect how you feel or react in certain instances. PEAK performance assessment is a cross between a situational judgement test and a personality questionnaire.

What is P&G Interactive Reasoning Screen Test?

This test is an interactive game-based assessment. The assessment comprises of 3 games. Each game is distinctive from the next. The first game has an on-screen keypad. A mathematical equation will be displayed on the screen. Using the on-screen keypad, fill in the correct answer to the mathematical questions.
The second P&G game-based assessment contains four shapes sequence, which forms a key. The sequences are circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. A circle is assigned 1, triangle 2, square 3, and rectangle 4. You will use these assigned numbers to figure out the 4-digit code for the output.
The third game consists of a spatial and memory task. You will get dots on the computer screen. The dots indicate the sequence you need to remember.

How to pass a P&G online assessment?

Over one million applicants go through the P&G recruitment process yearly. Only one per cent of this figure is lucky enough to get in through the door. To clitch that highly coveted role, you must excel above others in the recruitment exercise. Below are steps you should take to improve your assessment scores;

    1. Learn as much as you can about the company: it is crucial to find out as much about the company you are applying to as you can. You should also find out about the role you are applying for. Part of your test is simple questions relating to that specific workplace and position. Connect and network with professionals in your proposed field at P&G.
    2. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!: there is simply no substitute for training. It is the best way to familiarize yourself with your exam and learn what is required of you. Check online for practice questions, understand what the examiner needs from you.
    3. Remember to stay calm during the assessment.

Preparing for the Procter and Gamble Assessment?


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