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By 123test team. Updated May 12, 2023

An error checking test measures your ability to identify errors in different types of data.

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Tests where you need to check for errors are often used to select employees in sectors such as administration, data-entry and roles in high-stakes environments, e.g. air traffic controllers.

Instructions Error checking test

This error checking test consists of 8 questions, which need to be answered within 4 minutes. This gives you an average of 30 seconds per question. The clock starts ticking after answering the first question. Good luck!


Name E-mail Telephone number Sector
Bob 1324-90983-001 Public
Angelina 4623-75211-101 Public
Jesse 5643-87561-112 Private
Carl 7253-66554-356 Private
Thomas 1324-998765-01 Public

What is the correct e-mail address of Carl?

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