Sisyphus ODB

We publish the occupational database Sisyphus to provide individuals details of job titles that fit them. A fit in this primarily relates to a match between personality on the one hand, with job and work-environment characteristics on the other. We do so in sophisticated ways.

The labor market is dynamic and job titles are not strictly defined. There are also regional and cultural differences. Maintaining an all over accurate and actual global occupational database is as such not attainable. The job titles presented therefor serve as examples and for educational purposes and are defined, sourced and enriched as good as possible.

We use many sources to bring you the best possible. These include knowledge of inhouse and hired labor market specialists, (inter)national taxonomies, empirical data collection, surveys, and data enrichment technologies. Some of the main taxonomies we use are EurOccupations, ISCO, ESCO (ESCO classification of the European Commission), and O-Net. We update Sisyphus on an annual basis or when major updates become available.

The Sisyphus ODB is currently published in the following languages.

Sisyphus is by definition a work in progress and never finished. It's not possible to use Sisyphus on other websites or to license it currently. If you have any suggestions or questions do let us know. Feel free to contact us.