Profession Mortgage clerk

    Mortgage clerk

Mortgage clerks interview loan applicants to elicit information; investigate applicants' backgrounds and verify references; prepare loan request papers; and forward findings, reports, and documents to appraisal department. Review loan papers to ensure completeness, and complete transactions between loan establishment, borrowers, and sellers upon approval of loan.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising

Tasks mortgage clerk

  • Verify and examine information and accuracy of loan application and closing documents.
  • Interview loan applicants to obtain personal and financial data and to assist in completing applications.
  • Assemble and compile documents for loan closings, e.g. title abstracts, insurance forms, loan forms and tax receipts.
  • Answer questions and advise customers on loans and transactions.
  • Contact customers about acceptance or rejection of applications, e.g. by mail, telephone or in person.
  • Record applications for loan and credit, loan information, disbursements of funds or other relevant information, using e.g. computers.
  • Prepare and type loan applications, closing documents, legal documents, letters, forms, government notices, cheques or other documents, by hand or using computers.
  • Present loan and repayment schedules to customers.
  • Calculate, review and correct errors in interest, principal, payment, closing costs or any other necessary information, using e.g. computers or calculators.
  • Check value of customer collateral, such as a house or property, to be held as loan security, e.g. by appointing an estimation expert.

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