Profession Post sorting or distributing clerk

Post sorting or distributing clerk

Post sorting or distributing clerks prepare incoming and outgoing mail for distribution.

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Tasks post sorting or distributing clerk

  • Collect outgoing mail, check that items are in a suitable condition for processing and determine manner in which mail is to be sent.
  • Check items to ensure that the appropriate documentation is attached and that addresses are legible and correct, and operate machines for addressing the material if necessary.
  • Check that sufficient postage has been paid and, if necessary, affix postage by hand or using postmarking machines.
  • Sort outgoing items according to routing schemes, bundle, label and route sorted mail to designated areas depending on destinations and according to established procedures and deadlines.
  • Contact delivery or courier services to arrange delivery of letters and parcels.
  • Issue receipts for the collection and delivery of registered or recorded mail and other items.
  • Receive, open, check and label containers of incoming mail from large volume mailers, couriers and contractors.
  • Sort, route and distribute incoming mail into correct boxes, pigeonholes etc., if necessary using sorting equipment, such as electronic mail-sorting and scanning devices.
  • Check wrongly addressed, missorted, undelivered and redirected mail, search directories to find correct addresses, and process freepost and underpaid mail.
  • Check the mail items in respect to damage, and in case notice any, report to supervisor.
  • Prepare and maintain records and documentation of material received or despatched.

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