Profession Quality inspector, all other products

Quality inspector, all other products

Quality assurance inspectors examine manufactured products, primary produce and services to make sure they meet all standards (e.g. presentation, quality).

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Personality Type

Tasks quality inspector, all other products

  • Analyze and interpret relevant information (such as blueprints, manuals, etc.) to determine specifications.
  • Perform required inspections, tests or measurements of materials, products or installations, and check whether specifications are met.
  • Mark inspected items with details such as grade and rejection status.
  • Observe and monitor production operations and equipment to ensure conformity to specifications.
  • Determine the cause of problems or defects.
  • Record inspection or test data, such as weight, temperature, grade or moisture content, and quantities inspected or graded.
  • Notify supervisors and other personnel of production problems or defects, and assist in identifying and correcting problems or defects.
  • Train and assist operators to carry out their quality control functions.
  • Participate in organizing the production process (e.g. propose changes that may improve the process, participate in quality system design).
  • Analyze test data and compute statistical measures as necessary to determine test results.
  • Compile inspection and test reports.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB