Profession Bank clerk (back-office)

Bank clerk (back-office)

Bank clerks handle the inputting, coding or follow-up of all or part of the administrative tasks related to the financial transactions of clients or the bank, such as changes, funds, transfers, etc.

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Tasks bank clerk (back-office)

  • Answer customers' questions and give advice on available services, such as deposit accounts, bonds and securities.
  • Compile information about new accounts, enter account information into computers, and file related forms or other documents.
  • Refer customers to appropriate bank personnel.
  • Interview customers to obtain information needed for opening accounts or renting safety deposit boxes.
  • Inform customers of procedures for applying for banking services, such as ATM cards, direct deposit of cheques and certificates of deposit.
  • Obtain credit records from reporting agencies.
  • Collect and record customer deposits and fees, and issue receipts.
  • Investigate and correct errors upon customers' request using customer and bank records.
  • Perform counter duties as required.
  • Execute transfers of funds.

Related professions banking

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  • First line supervisor back-office clerks
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Source: Sisyphus ODB