Privacy statement 123test B.V.

The website, to which this statement applies, belongs to 123test B.V. Our business and postal address is Toernooiveld 300, 6525 EC Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our Chamber of Commerce registration number is 27187803. Our VAT number is NL817941800B01. Our registration number with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (College bescherming persoonsgegevens) is reporting number m1411321.

Privacy as viewed from our company objective

Our tests are there to help you find answers to the questions you have about your career and personal development. This is a personal and private matter and we wish to provide maximum guarantees for your privacy. Thus we do not need to know exactly who you are or where you live, nor do we force you to provide your e-mail address (in order to be able to send you undesired e-mails later on). Our free tests are free because we want you to learn about yourself, tell others about us and return once again.

Our tests are not marketing tools and your privacy really does matter.

Guaranteeing privacy of direct personal details

The most important manner in which we guarantee your privacy is simply by requiring you provide as few personal details as possible that immediately identify you as a unique individual. Think, for example, of your name or address. Background information such as sex, age or level of education is also (almost) never required. If you do provide that information, it can improve the results; every once in a while, seldom, is it required in order to be able to produce results. It does always help us to further improve our products, so even if it is not required, it certainly may be provided.

If you share your personal details with us, we do not share them with third parties.

Email address and communication

If you contact us, register for a newsletter or if you purchase something, we register your email address or possibly, if you call, your telephone number. This cannot be avoided, which you will surely understand. Our newsletter is opt-in, which means you must confirm your registration and you can cancel at any time. Emails that we send from our servers are sent encrypted.

Cookies and technical data

After receiving explicit consent from you with your first visit, we place cookies on your computer. A cookie is a small file that is sent by a server and stored on the hard disk of the computer that visits the site. This file keeps track of the website visited and contains a number of details about this visit.

We also save technical details with regard to the visit, such as the IP address or the website from which our site was visited and the pages that are visited. We use technical data and cookies to guarantee the operation of our sites, to improve user experience, for statistical analyses, tracing e-commerce and for fiscal-legal obligations.

We do not share the cookies we place or the technical data we collect with third parties.

Cookies and technical data from third parties

We make regular use of tools and services from third parties as well for supplementary statistical analyses, e-commerce tracking or technical tests with respect to the operation and user experience of our sites and products. For these purposes, these third parties are allowed to gather technical data from the visiting computer and from the server and to place cookies. This explicitly concerns technical data, which at times includes IP addresses. We always select the parties with whom we work on the basis of reputation and quality.

Payment details and email address with payments

Payments are collected via so-called Payment Service Providers. These are external companies that are set up to process financial transactions in a manner as secure as possible. Financial details, such as a bank account number or credit card number, is therefore shared only with them when payment is made, since we do not collect such data. When a payment via a Payment Service Provider is initiated, details about the order and payment are passed on to us. For example, the amount, a short product description, but also your email address for communication about the payment and the payment process.

Security, collection and storage of data

Our servers are located in the Netherlands with companies that are not owned by an American company (or for less than 50%). Because of this, the data that we collect is not collectable by the American government on the basis of the Patriot Act.

We register personal and technical data through highly secured connections, store it securely and, if necessary, encrypt it and do not sell it to third parties.

Advertisements and network sites

We work structurally and incidentally with parties in the field of advertising (for example, Google Adsense) and network sites (for example, Facebook or LinkedIn). If we offer advertisements and/or functionalities of third parties on our sites, we screen these technically so that they have no access to the results of tests (with the exception of short free tests), answers that you provide to questions and statements in questionnaires or direct personal details that you provide us with, for example, in your account.

If we refer through to other parties, for example, via advertisements, then their privacy policy applies. If you share test results with others, possibly also through our collaborative partners, that is your responsibility.

Scientific research

We also contribute to scientific research. If stand-alone research is involved, the privacy policy of that research applies insofar as it deviates from this privacy statement. This will be indicated at the very beginning.

Contacting us with regard to our privacy policy or your details

If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, or you wish to view, correct or remove personal data that we have gathered, please contact us. This can be done by e-mail ( or through our contact form.

Things can always be done better!

If you find that our site does not conform to our privacy policy, please contact us. Should you see, hear or know of anything else that can help us do an even better job of guaranteeing the privacy of our visitors, we would love to hear about it!