Verbal reasoning test with analogies

Analogies as used in this test are inferences of similarity between two relations. In this tests words are used between which specific logical relations exist. Sometimes object, pictures or even numbers are used. In this verbal reasoning test analogies are presented verbally.

Analogies are often used in assessments and intelligence measurements. If you like taking IQ tests or want to do job test prep you should take this free test online right now. This test is part of an extensive free IQ test training.

So, test your intelligence with this verbal reasoning test using analogies. Use your verbal reasoning skills to identify the missing word. In the results you'll see your answers, the correct answers and an explanation.

Instructions verbal reasoning test

This test measures your ability to select a word based on other words and their relationships or analogies. Each question presents three words and four options. It's your job to figure out which of the options is the logical fourth word.