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Test your non-verbal reasoning skills with this logical categorization test using Euler diagrams (often confused with Venn diagrams). Use logical and diagrammatic reasoning to identify the correct diagram.

In the free logical reasoning test below, you have to choose which diagram belongs to a given group of words. A traditional or classical IQ test often also contains a diagrams section. A diagram is a graphic representation of data, for example a graph or a schema. In a diagramming test you should see the connection between words and concepts in a graphical representation.

Logical reasoning with Venn diagrams is about understanding how the relationship between words can be represented graphically. On the one hand there is a piece of verbal intelligence here, because you have to know what words mean and can comprise. On the other hand, there is also a lot of logical reasoning, because you have to be able to determine correctly how the words relate to each other.

Instructions Logical reasoning test

It is the intention that in this diagram test you indicate for each question which figure corresponds to the mutual relation of the given words. All questions must be answered. In the results you'll see your answers and what the correct answer is (with explanation). The best way to explain how a diagram works is based on an example.

Example: makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick

The picture that corresponds with these words:

Diagrammatic reasoning example

Explanation: in these three words makeup (the big circle) is a collective name that includes lipstick and eyeshadow (the smaller circles). The latter two, however, have no connection with each other except that they are both makeup products.

If we take the example of toiletries, makeup, mascara, the diagram changes and makeup takes a different place:

Diagrammatic reasoning example

Now toiletries is the largest circle, the middle circle makeup and the smallest circle mascara.
Mascara falls under the collective name makeup and makeup falls under the collective name of toiletries.


Downfall - snow - hail


Building - school - blackboard


Duck - animal - bird


Grandfathers - fathers - sons


Condiment - mustard - mayonnaise


Spouses - criminals - idealists


Swimming - sporting - relaxing


Intelligence - abilities - personality


Cinema - seat - train