Profession admissions coordinator

Admissions coordinators are in charge of the students' applications and admissions to a (private) school, college or university. They asses possible future students' qualifications and subsequently approve or deny their application, based on the regulations and desires set by the board of directors and the school administration. They also assist the accepted students in their enrollment in the programme and courses of their choice.

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Personality Type


  • Assessment processes

    Various evaluation techniques, theories, and tools applicable in the assessment of students, participants in a programme, and employees. Different assessment strategies such as initial, formative, summative and self- assessment are used for varying purposes.


  • Manage student admissions

    Assess students’ applications and manage correspondence with them concerning their admission, or rejection, pursuant to the regulations of the school, university or other educational organisation. This also includes obtaining educational information, such as personal records, on the student. File the paperwork of the admitted students.

  • Assess students

    Evaluate the students' (academic) progress, achievements, course knowledge and skills through assignments, tests, and examinations. Diagnose their needs and track their progress, strengths, and weaknesses. Formulate a summative statement of the goals the student achieved.

  • Provide information on education financing

    Provide information to parents and students concerning tuition fees, student loans and financial support services.

  • Provide information on school services

    Present information on the educational and support services of a school or university to students and their parents, such as career guidance services or offered courses.

  • Identify education needs

    Identify the needs of students, organisations and companies in terms of provision of education in order to aid in the development of curricula and education policies.

  • Provide education management support

    Support the management of an education institution by directly assisting in the managerial duties or by providing information and guidance from your area of expertise to simplify the managerial tasks.

  • Assist students with their enrolment

    Help the accepted students with the enrolment in a certain programme. Prepare legal documents and support the students as they settle in.

Optional knowledge and skills

education administration use office systems primary school procedures counsel students student financial aid programmes secondary school procedures communication manage educational institution's administration oversee extra-curricular activities customer service electronic communication office software assist in the organisation of school events communicate with youth education law kindergarten school procedures use different communication channels

Source: Sisyphus ODB