Profession advertising copywriter

Advertising copywriter develop and coordinate the content of advertisements.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Enterprising
  • Artistic / Investigative

Related professions advertising, publicity

  • Advertisement designer
  • Advertisement photographer
  • Advertising account executive
  • Advertising professional


  • Advertising techniques

    The communication strategies intended to persuade or encourage an audience, and the different media which are used to achieve this goal.

  • Copyright legislation

    Legislation describing the protection of the rights of original authors over their work, and how others can use it.

  • Product comprehension

    The offered products, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.


  • Brainstorm ideas

    Pitch your ideas and concepts to fellow members of the creative team in order to come up with alternatives, solutions and better versions.

  • Write to a deadline

    Schedule and respect tight deadlines, especially for theatre, screen and radio projects.

  • Develop creative ideas

    Developing new artistic concepts and creative ideas.

  • Create advertisements

    Use your creativity to draft advertiments. Keep in mind the costumer's requirements, target audience, media and marketing objectives.

  • Identify customer's needs

    Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.

  • Apply grammar and spelling rules

    Apply the rules of spelling and grammar and ensure consistency throughout texts.

  • Meet expectations of target audience

    Research the needs and expectations of the target audience to ensure the program's theme meets both.

  • Follow a brief

    Interpret and meet requirements and expectations, as discussed and agreed upon with the customers.

Optional knowledge and skills

draft press releases analyse consumer buying trends manage budgets printing techniques create storyboards apply desktop publishing techniques typography practice humour analyse cultural trends evaluate writings in response to feedback types of media develop media strategy coordinate advertising campaigns desktop publishing proofread text conduct search engine optimisation evaluate advertising campaign lay out digital written content perform media outlets research give live presentation social media marketing techniques perform market research

Common job titles

  • Copywriter
  • Jr. copywriter
  • Creative copywriter
  • Senior copywriter
  • Marketing copywriter