Profession advertising media planner

Advertising media planners advise on the best communication media platforms to convey ideas. They analyse advertising plans in order to assess the aim and objective of the marketing strategy. They assess the potential and response rate that different communication channels might have on the transmission of a message related to a product, company, or brand.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Enterprising
  • Artistic / Investigative


  • Media planning

    The process of selecting the best media to reach marketing and advertising strategy objectives in order to promote a client's product or service. This process encompasses research on target audiences, frequency of advertisements, budgets and media platforms.

  • Advertising techniques

    The communication strategies intended to persuade or encourage an audience, and the different media which are used to achieve this goal.

  • Types of media

    The means of mass communication, such as television, journals, and radio, that reach and influence the majority of the public.

  • Market research

    The processes, techniques, and purposes comprised in the first step for developing marketing strategies such as the collection of information about customers and the definition of segments and targets.

  • Copyright legislation

    Legislation describing the protection of the rights of original authors over their work, and how others can use it.


  • Cooperate with colleagues

    Cooperate with colleagues in order to ensure that operations run effectively.

  • Create media plan

    Determine how, where and when advertisments will be distributed in various media. Decide on consumer target group, area and marketing objectives in order to choose the media platform for advertising.

  • Work with advertising professionals

    Cooperate with professionals in the advertising field as to ensure a smooth development of the advertising projects. Work together with researchers, creative teams, publishers, and copywriters.

  • Create media schedule

    Determine the pattern of advertising timing when ads must appear in the media and the frequency of these advertisements. Follow scheduling models such as Continuity and pulsing.

  • Meet expectations of target audience

    Research the needs and expectations of the target audience to ensure the program's theme meets both.

  • Meet deadlines

    Ensure operative processes are finished at a previously agreed-upon time.

  • Perform media outlets research

    Research what will be the best and most effective way to reach the majority of consumers by defining the target audience and the type of media outlet that better fit with the purpose.

  • Cope with challenging demands

    Maintain a positive attitude towards new and challenging demands such as interaction with artists and handling of artistic artefacts. Work under pressure such as dealing with last moment changes in time schedules and financial restraints.

Optional knowledge and skills

demography coordinate advertising campaigns search engine optimisation draw conclusions from market research results perform project management approve advertising campaign persuade clients with alternatives business model buy advertising space social media marketing techniques social media management manage contracts apply statistical analysis techniques conduct public presentations present arguments persuasively monitor media industry research figures identify customer's needs evaluate advertising campaign develop media strategy statistics pay-per-click study sales levels of products below-the-line technique