Profession campaign canvasser

Campaign canvassers operate on field level to persuade the public to vote for the political candidate they represent. They engage in direct conversation with the public in public places, and gather information on the public's opinion, as well as perform activities ensuring that information on the campaign reaches a wide audience.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Artistic


  • Canvassing methods

    The different methods used in liaising with a target group or individuals to gather support for a cause, such as field canvassing (going door to door), candidate canvassing (going door to door or speaking with the public with a representative of the cause present), phone canvassing, engaging passers-by on the street, and other canvassing methods.


  • Present arguments persuasively

    Present arguments during a negotiation or debate, or in written form, in a persuasive manner in order to obtain the most support for the case the speaker or writer represents.

  • Perform fundraising activities

    Perform activities which will raise funds for an organisation or campaign, such as speaking with the public, gathering funds during fundraising or other general events, and using online fundraising tools.

  • Maintain professional records

    Produce and maintain records of work performed.

  • Engage passers-by in conversation

    Engage people in places with heavy foot traffic in conversations to get them interested in a cause or campaign, to gather funds, or to obtain support for a cause in general.

  • Use different communication channels

    Use various types of communication channels such as verbal, handwritten, digital and telephonic communication with the aim of constructing and sharing information and ideas.

  • Influence voting behaviour

    Influence the public during a political or other legislative campaign which requires voting in order to ensure that they vote for the party, individual or motion which is preferred, by talking with individuals and using promotional strategies.

  • Present a cause

    Present the motives and objectives of a certain cause, such as a charity cause or political campaign, to individuals or larger audience in order to gather support for the cause.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform public relations follow given instructions promote political campaign use positive language advertising techniques conduct public presentations social media marketing techniques liaise with politicians memorise script political campaigning interview techniques conduct public surveys comply with legal regulations execute marketing plan interview people write work-related reports vocal techniques