Profession Child care services manager

Child care services manager

Child care service managers plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of child care centers or programs

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Tasks child care services manager

  • Direct and coordinate child care personnel.
  • Determine allocations of funds for staff, supplies, materials, equipment etc.
  • Prepare and maintain records and accounts of the child care centre (e.g., planning, activity reports, personnel reports, records for officials).
  • Manage physical facilities and make sure all buildings and equipment are maintained.
  • Review and interpret government codes, and develop procedures to meet codes (e.g., concerning safety and security).
  • Set standards and develop programmes to enhance the physical, emotional and intellectual development of young children.
  • Monitor children's progress.
  • Confer with parents or guardians, e.g. report on the progress of their children and, if necessary, help them to solve problems.
  • Recruit and evaluate staff and coordinate their professional development.

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