Profession court jury coordinator

Court jury coordinators aid lawyers in the preparation of the trial by researching jury members. They aid in the development of trial strategies, analyse the jury's behaviour during a trial, and advise lawyers on proceedings. They also assist in preparing witnesses and constructing arguments.

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Personality Type


  • Legal case management

    The procedures of a legal case from opening to closing, such as the documentation that needs to be prepared and handled, the people involved in different stages of the case, and the requirements that need to be met before the case can be closed.

  • Court procedures

    The regulations which are in place during the investigation of a court case and during a court hearing, and of how these events occur.


  • Observe confidentiality

    Observe the set of rules establishing the nondisclosure of information except to another authorised person.

  • Apply knowledge of human behaviour

    Practice principles related to group behaviour, trends in society, and influence of societal dynamics.

  • Comply with legal regulations

    Ensure you are properly informed of the legal regulations that govern a specific activity and adhere to its rules, policies and laws.

  • Compile legal documents

    Compile and collect legal documents from a specific case in order to aid an investigation or for a court hearing, in a manner compliant with legal regulations and ensuring records are properly maintained.

  • Protect client interests

    Protect the interests and needs of a client by taking necessary actions, and researching all possibilities, to ensure that the client obtains their favoured outcome.

  • Communicate with jury

    Communicate with the jury of a court hearing in order to ensure they're fit for jury duty in the trial, will be able to remain impartial and make sound decisions, and to ensure they are briefed on the case and are aware of the court procedures.

  • Advise on trial strategies

    Advise lawyers or other court officials in their preparation for a court trial by helping them prepare legal arguments, researching the jury and judge, and advising on strategic decisions which may help to influence the case to the client's favoured outcome.

  • Provide legal advice

    Provide advice to clients in order to ensure that their actions are compliant with the law, as well as most beneficial for their situation and specific case, such as providing information, documentation, or advice on the course of action for a client should they want to take legal action or legal action is taken against them.

Optional knowledge and skills

respond to enquiries conduct research interview legal research write work-related reports advise on legal decisions supervise legal case procedures criminology present legal arguments think analytically support witnesses brief court officials present arguments persuasively consultation methods interpret law civil process order use different communication channels

Source: Sisyphus ODB