Profession Dietician


Dietician's plan and conduct food service or nutritional programs to assist in the promotion of health and control of disease. May supervise activities of a department providing quantity food services, counsel individuals, or conduct nutritional research.

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Tasks dietician

  • Analyze clients' nutritional needs, diet restrictions and current health.
  • Develop and implement dietary care plans.
  • Provide nutritional counseling and give advice on nutrition and related food services.
  • Keep records of clients' dietary care plans, progress and condition.
  • Monitor clients' diet.
  • Consult with health care professionals to set up nutritional needs and diet restrictions for patients or clients.
  • Educate individuals and groups about nutrition, e.g. healthy eating habits.
  • Participate in the education and training of students, medical professionals and other health professionals.
  • Take part in preventative health programmes.
  • Conduct and assess dietary studies and other food and nutrition related research.

Related professions counselor, educator

  • Early childhood educator
  • Nutrition information officer

Source: Sisyphus ODB