Profession disc jockey

Disc jockeys mix music from various sources using turntables or a mixing console and play music at events in front of a live audience. They may provide the music on the radio. They select the music played on the radio and make sure that it is broadcasted according to schedule. Disc jockeys can also create mixes for later distribution and playback.

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  • Musical theory

    The body of interrelated concepts that constitutes the theoretical background of music.

  • Musical instruments

    The different musical instruments, their ranges, timbre, and possible combinations.

  • Acoustics

    The study of sound, its reflection, amplification and absorption in a space.

  • Musical genres

    Different musical styles and genres such as blues, jazz, reggae, rock, or indie.


  • Set up sound equipment

    Set up equipment to record sound. Test acoustics and make adjustments.

  • Connect music fragments

    Connect fragments of or whole songs together in a smooth manner.

  • Study music

    Study original pieces of music to get well acquainted with music theory and history.

  • Compose playlist

    Compose a list of songs to be played during a broadcast or performance in accordance with requirements and time frame.

  • Select music

    Suggest or select music to play back for entertainment, exercise, or other purposes.

Optional knowledge and skills

operate an audio mixing console musical notation ensure the appropriate atmosphere maintain sound equipment multimedia systems mix sound in a live situation ict software specifications consult with sound editor edit recorded sound finish project within budget operate sound live use audio reproduction software perform technical sound check attend music recording sessions assess sound quality interact with an audience compose music follow a brief