Profession Education advisor

    Education advisor

Education advisors provide individuals and groups with educational counseling.

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Personality Type

Tasks education advisor

  • Coordinate the provision of educational counselling.
  • Gather relevant information for individual educational counseling, e.g. by conducting interviews and administering standardized tests (e.g., intelligence, aptitude and interest tests).
  • Provide educational counseling to individuals, e.g. based on the results of tests, the individual's (educational) background, etc.
  • Assist individuals with career development and job search skills.
  • Confer with teachers and parents.
  • Consult with educational institutions regarding educational programs, requirements, apprenticeships etc.
  • Teach classes about educational career possibilities, e.g. college majors, admission requirements, financial aid, apprenticeships programs, etc.
  • Advise teaching and administrative staff on curriculum development, use of materials and equipment.
  • Coordinate and operate the education information centre.

Related professions consultancy, coaching

  • Education methods specialist
  • Philosopher