Profession election agent

Election agents manage a political candidate's campaign and oversee the operations of elections to ensure accuracy. They develop strategies to support candidates and persuade the public to vote for the candidate they represent. They conduct research to gauge which image and ideas would be most advantageous for the candidate to present to the public in order to secure the most votes.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Artistic


  • Political campaigning

    The procedures involved in conducting a succesful political campaign, such as the specific research methods, promotional tools, liaising with the public, and other strategic aspects concerning the organising and conducting of political campaigns.

  • Election law

    The regulations concerning the procedures during elections, such as voting regulations, campaign regulations, which procedures candidates must follow, how votes are counted, and other electoral procedures.


  • Analyse election procedures

    Analyse the proceedings during elections and campaigns in order to monitor the voting behaviour of the public, identify ways in which the election campaign can be improved for politicians, and to predict the election outcomes.

  • Monitor political campaigns

    Monitor the methods applied in the conducting of a political campaign to ensure all the regulations are adhered to, such as the regulations concerning campaign financing, promotional methods, and other campaign procedures.

  • Perform public relations

    Perform public relations (PR) by managing the spread of information between an individual or an organisation and the public.

  • Advise on public relations

    Advise business or public organisations on public relations management and strategies in order to ensure efficient communication with target audiences, and proper conveying of information.

  • Advise politicians on electoral procedures

    Advise politicians before and during elections on campaigning procedures and on the politician's public presentation and courses of action which may beneficially influence elections.

  • Communicate with media

    Communicate professionally and present a positive image while exchanging with media or potential sponsors.

  • Monitor elections

    Monitor the proceedings on the day of elections to ensure that the voting process and the counting process occur according to regulations.

  • Liaise with politicians

    Liaise with officials fulfilling important political and legislative roles in governments in order to ensure productive communication and build relations.

Optional knowledge and skills

fix meetings influence voting behaviour prepare presentation material develop media strategy coordinate advertising campaigns advise on public image manage fundraising activities establish collaborative relations conduct public surveys develop promotional tools political science maintain relationships with government agencies solicit event publicity create campaign schedule advertising techniques promote political campaign develop professional network coordinate events