Profession games development manager

Games development managers supervise and coordinate the creation, development, distribution, and selling of games. They communicate with manufacturers to ensure the production of games.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Investigative
  • Investigative / Enterprising


  • Responsible gambling

    The proper behaviour when participating in a gambling game such as how to be aware of others people's reactions and why people act and react as they do.


  • Align efforts towards business development

    Synchronise the efforts, plans, strategies, and actions carried out in departments of companies towards the growth of business and its turnover. Keep business development as the ultimate outcome of any effort of the company.

  • Manage gaming facilities

    To manage opportunities for cost and process efficiencies in relation to the maintenance, cleaning, security, administration and other peripheral functions within the GBLs' facilities

  • Maintain operational standards

    To ensure full compliance within requirements Gambling legislation and regulation. To ensure that all gaming staff and managers receive regular scheduled training in technical competence and procedural compliance. To review and agree improvements where necessary for any Audits within your line of responsibility. To ensure any agreed changes to Gaming Procedures and processes are fully implemented. To prevent theft and fraud (external and / or internal personnel) by implementing the security control procedures. To compile accurate and timely performance reports as per company requirements. To develop a succession plan for all Gaming Staff, ensuring sufficient trained and licensed managers are available to run the department. To actively seek and take advantage of, opportunities for personal development, within the business.

  • Manage gambling finances

    Assist in the compilation of the annual budget for the gambling, betting or lottery operation. Develop and implement action plans to ensure required turnover and profitability of the operation is achieved. Monitor expenditure within the club and to ensure management controls and costs remain within budget. Monitor all complementary costs to ensure managers adhere to the policy.

  • Manage gambling hospitality

    To manage the operational implementation of the Hospitality offerings, ensuring delivery of a consistent approach and a high quality presentation and service as agreed with competent Authorities.To review the cost controls and management of the Hospitality offering as well as internal audits.

  • Follow ethical code of conduct of gambling

    Follow the rules and ethical code used in gambling, betting and lottery. Keep the entertainment of players in mind.

  • Alter management

    To manage and drive change effectively to improve business performance and competitive edge.

  • Ensure compliance with policies

    To ensure compliance with legislation and company procedures in respect of Health and Safety in the workplace and public areas, at all times. To ensure awareness of and compliance with all Company Policies in relation to Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities in the workplace. To carry out any other duties which may reasonably be required.

  • Lead a team

    Lead, supervise and motivate a group of people, in order to meet the expected results within a given timeline and with the foreseen resources in mind.

  • Monitor customer service

    Ensure all employees are providing excellent customer service in accordance to company policy.

  • Manage gambling game

    To review player tracking data, and analyse player profiles to enable proactive management of the gaming operation.To conduct regular reviews with Gaming Managers and to assist

  • Train employees

    Lead and guide employees through a process in which they are taught the necessary skills for the perspective job. Organise activities aimed at introducing the work and systems or improving the performance of individuals and groups in organisational settings.

  • Manage gaming cash desk

    To ensure compliance with company operating procedures and relevant legislation for cash desk activities.To apply the mandatory policies on anti money laundering and other financial frauds and actively control debt management and recovery within agreed parameters

Optional knowledge and skills

apply gaming psychology games rules apply knowledge of human behaviour