Profession hairdresser


Hairdressers wash, cut, colour, style and treat hair.

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Personality Type

  • Artistic / Enterprising

Tasks hairdresser

  • Discuss client's requirements and analyze their hair and other relevant physical features to define the desired hair style.
  • Shampoo, condition and rinse client's hair with water, liquid soap or other solutions.
  • Cut, trim and shape hair to achieve the desired style, e.g. using scissors, comb, clippers, trimmers and razors.
  • Bleach, colour, perm or straighten hair using various chemical products, and make sure the products are used and stored correctly.
  • Style hair e.g. by combing, brushing, blow-drying, straightening, curling or waving.
  • Provide basic treatment for minor hair and scalp problems.
  • Demonstrate and sell hair care products, and advise clients on hair care.
  • Maintain client records.
  • Perform reception duties, e.g. schedule appointments, answer the telephone, order supplies and operate cash register to receive payments.
  • Keep the salon, work station and tools clean and tidy.
  • Keep up-to-date with new products, styles and techniques.
  • Train and supervise other hairdressers or assistants.

Related professions hair, beauty, cosmetics


  • Hair colouring

    The theory and practice of colouring a hairstyle and various process steps and types such as bleaching, highlights, and balayage.

  • Hair products

    The qualities and applications of various styling products used on different types of hair, such as curling creams, hairspray, shampoos, and conditioners.

  • Hair

    Human hair, its composition and interaction with various chemicals, environment factors and health issues.


  • Dye hair

    Dye hair using a special solution to change its colour.

  • Identify customer's needs

    Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.

  • Maintain equipment

    Regularly inspect and perform all required activities to maintain the equipment in functional order prior or after its use.

  • Stay up-to-date with fashion trends in hair style

    Keep abreast of current and future fashion trends, especially in hair styles.

  • Satisfy customers

    Communicate with customers and make them feel satisfied.

  • Style hair

    Style a person's hair using the appropriate techniques and products.

  • Curl hair

    Curl a person's hair using the appropriate techniques and products.

  • Show social competences

    Ability to interact effectively with other people.

  • Maintain customer service

    Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help customers or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.

  • Advise on hair style

    Make recommendations to customers about suitable hair styles, based on their preferences and your own professional judgment.

  • Work ergonomically

    Apply ergonomy principles in the organisation of the workplace while manually handling equipment and materials.

  • Wash hair

    Use shampoo to clean clients' hair and scalp, use hair conditioners to create volume or make hair more smooth and shiny and afterwards dry the hair with a blow dryer or a towel.

  • Process payments

    Accept payments such as cash, credit cards and debit cards. Handle reimbursement in case of returns or administer vouchers and marketing instruments such as bonus cards or membership cards. Pay attention to safety and the protection of personal data.

  • Use equipment for hair care

    Use tools to cut, trim or shave hair, such as scissors, clippers, razors and combs.

Optional knowledge and skills

offer cosmetic beauty advice treat facial hair design hair style monitor stock level sell hair products supervise staff maintain relationship with suppliers maintain work area cleanliness manage schedule of tasks order supplies maintain wigs administer appointments apply hair cutting techniques treat scalp conditions issue sales invoices train employees organise product display help customers with hair problems recommend cosmetics to customers manage a small-to-medium business maintain professional administration