Profession leaflet distributor

Leaflet distributors hand out flyers, leaflet and advertisements in order to inform people or sell products and services. They distribute these leaflets either directly to the people on the streets or via mailboxes.

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  • Geographic areas

    Know the geographic area in detail; know where different organisations carry out operations.


  • Work in outdoor conditions

    Can cope with the different climate conditions such as heat, rain, cold or in strong wind.

  • Deliver leaflets

    Put leaflets, flyers and advertising materials into mailboxes. Make sure you cover the entire area assigned to you.

  • Demonstrate professional attitude to clients

    Demonstrate responsibility and professional duty of care to clients which will include communication skills and a focus of customer care orientation.

  • Hand out flyers

    Give flyers and leaflets to passers-by on the street.

Optional knowledge and skills

characteristics of products follow written instructions liaise with advertising agencies demonstrate products' features hang advertising posters operate gps systems set up advertising material