Profession leather measuring operator

Leather measuring operators use machines to measure the surface area of leather and ensure that the machines are regularly calibrated. They note the size of leather and ensure its recording for further invoicing.

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  • Maintain equipment

    Regularly inspect and perform all required activities to maintain the equipment in functional order prior or after its use.

  • Execute working instructions

    Understand, interpret and properly apply work instructions regarding different tasks in the workplace.

  • Adapt to changing situations

    Change approach to situations based on unexpected and sudden changes in people's needs and mood or in trends; shift strategies, improvise and naturally adapt to those circumstances.

  • Identify with the company's goals

    Act for the benefit of the company and for the achievement of its targets.

  • Work in textile manufacturing teams

    Work harmoniously with colleagues in teams in the textile and clothing manufacturing industries.

  • Stay alert

    Stay focused and alert at all times; react quickly in the case of unexpected events. Concentrate and do not get distracted performing a task over a long period of time.

Optional knowledge and skills

leather technology physico-chemical properties of crust leather manage environmental impact of operations physico-chemical properties of hides and skins address problems critically create solutions to problems use it tools identify defects on raw hides health and safety in the workplace monitor operations in the leather industry functionalities of machinery think analytically use communication techniques

Common job titles

  • Machine operator - 2nd & 3rd shifts
  • Experienced sewing machine operator
  • Fiber cutting operator
  • Industrial sewing and upholstery
  • Industrial sewing machine operator / leather worker
  • Sewing machine operator