Profession Midwifery professional

Midwifery professional

Midwifery professionals advise, support and control women during normal pregnancies and births.

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Personality Type

Tasks midwifery professional

  • Give advice and support to women during pre-conception (family planning), antenatal and postnatal periods.
  • Provide care and management of pregnancy and birth, during and after the birth.
  • Prescribe medicaments or medical examinations.
  • Monitor the condition of the mother and foetus during pregnancy and throughout labor.
  • Evaluate the progress and detects warning signs of abnormal or potentially abnormal pregnancies requiring referral to a medical practitioner
  • Give advice and support to women on parenting skills, and babycare and feeding
  • Supervise midwifery students, nursing professionals and other health care professionals
  • Hold health education classes and seminars to promote mother and infant health
  • Offer psychological support to pregnant women
  • Coordinate maternity care and care given by other health care workers
  • Promote non-intervention in normal childbirth

Related professions maternity care

  • Maternity carer
  • Midwifery associate professional

Source: Sisyphus ODB