Profession minister of religion

Ministers of religion lead religious organisations or communities, perform spiritual and religious ceremonies and provide spiritual guidance to members of a particular religious group. They may undertake missionary work, pastoral or preaching work, or work within a religious order or community, such as a monastery or convent. Ministers of religion perform duties such as leading worship services, giving religious education, officiating at funerals and marriages, counselling congregation members and offer a range of other community services, both in conjunction with the organisation they work for, and through their own personal day to day activities.

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Personality Type

  • Social / Artistic
  • Enterprising / Social


  • Set organisational policies

    Participate in setting organisational policies that cover issues such as participant eligibility, program requirements, and program benefits for the service users.

  • Show empathy

    Show empathy in order to prevent any kind of symbolic violence and isolation and to guarantee a considerate attention to everyone. It should include a capacity to understand various verbal and non-verbal communication of sentiment and feeling.

  • Handle conflicts

    Mediate in conflicts and tense situations by acting between parties, such as service users, important others like families, and institutions, striving to effect an agreement, reconciliate, and resolve problems.

  • Observe confidentiality

    Observe the set of rules establishing the nondisclosure of information except to another authorised person.

  • Interpret religious texts

    Interpret the contents and messages of religious texts in order to develop spiritually and help others in their spiritual development, to apply the appropriate passages and messages during services and ceremonies, or for theological learning.

  • Represent religious institution

    Perform public functions as a representative of a religious institution, which strive to promote the institution and its activities and strive for accurate representation and inclusion in umbrella organisations.

  • Prepare religious services

    Perform the necessary actions for the preparation of religious services and ceremonies, such as gathering the necessary props and materials, cleaning tools, writing and practicing sermons and other speeches, and other preparation activities.

  • Perform religious ceremonies

    Perform the ritual acts and apply the traditional religious texts during ceremonial events, such as funerals, confirmation, baptism, birth rites and other religious ceremonies.

  • Apply knowledge of human behaviour

    Practice principles related to group behaviour, trends in society, and influence of societal dynamics.

  • Perform debates

    Construct and present arguments used in a constructive debate and discussion in order to convince the opposing party or a neutral third party of the debater's stance.

  • Perform religious service

    Execute the rites and traditions which are involved in a religious service and leading communal worship.

  • Provide spiritual counselling

    Assist individuals and groups seeking guidance in their religious convictions, or support in their spiritual experience, so that they are affirmed and confident in their faith.

  • Provide social counselling

    Assist and guide social service users to resolve personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties.

  • Supervise religious organisations

    Supervise the operations of religious organisations such as parishes, congregations, churches, mosques, and other religious organisations and institutions to ensure that the operation is compliant with the regulations of the overarching religious system.

  • Show intercultural awareness

    Show sensibility towards cultural differences by taking actions which facilitate positive interaction between international organisations, between groups or individuals of different cultures, and to promote integration in a community.

  • Promote religious activities

    Promote events, attendance to religious services and ceremonies, and the participation in religious traditions and festivities in a community in order to enhance the role religion plays in that community.

  • Respond to enquiries

    Respond to enquiries and requests for information from other organisations and members of the public.

  • Foster dialogue in society

    Foster intercultural dialogue in civil society on a variety of controversial topics such as religious and ethical issues.

  • Build community relations

    Establish affectionate and long-lasting relationships with local communities, e.g. by organising special programms for kindergarden, schools and for dissabled and older people, raising awareness and receiving community appreciation in return.

Optional knowledge and skills

reinforce positive behaviour hinduism memorise script conduct educational activities christianity perform ritual cleaning activities develop professional network hebrew bible texts torah liaise with local authorities manage volunteers develop educational resources assist in church service cultural customs on food preparation sing provide charity services judaism conduct public presentations guide conversion sanskrit manage staff arabic establish collaborative relations ensure cross-department cooperation islam manage fundraising activities perform puja keep task records quran train religious professionals latin develop policies on religion-related matters vocal techniques assist missionary work psychological counselling methods coordinate charity services perform fundraising activities participate in rabbinical court proceedings perform church service islamic studies manage budgets support volunteers practise singing officiate weddings mentor individuals cultural practices regarding animal slaughter ordain religious officials teach religious texts

Common job titles

  • Student records coordinator and analyst – adult education
  • Coordinator - graduate teacher certification program
  • Director of intensive english language program
  • Contingent chaplain
  • Chaplain resident
  • Chaplain/bereavement coordinator
  • Spiritual care coordinator- chaplain
  • Hospice - spirtual care and bereavement counselor
  • Teacher, jag - wellstone - jag (2017-2018)
  • Chaplain