Profession missionary

Missionaries supervise the execution of missions of outreach from a church foundation. They organise the mission and develop the mission's goals and strategies, and ensure the mission's goals are executed, and policies implemented. They perform administrative duties for record maintenance, and facilitate communication with the relevant institutions in the mission's location.

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Personality Type


  • Bible texts

    The content and interpretations of the bible texts, its different components, the different types of Bibles, and its history.


  • Foster dialogue in society

    Foster intercultural dialogue in civil society on a variety of controversial topics such as religious and ethical issues.

  • Coordinate charity services

    Coordinate the provision of charity services to a community or institution in need, such as the recruitment of volunteers and staff, allocation of resources, and managing the activities.

  • Teach religious texts

    Teach the content and interpretation methods of religious texts in order to facilitate spiritual or theological learning.

  • Establish collaborative relations

    Establish a connection between organisations or individuals which may benefit from communicating with one another in order to facilitate an enduring positive collaborative relationship between both parties.

  • Develop policies on religion-related matters

    Develop policies concerning religion-related matters such as religious freedom, the place of religion at schoo or promoting religious activities.

  • Interpret religious texts

    Interpret the contents and messages of religious texts in order to develop spiritually and help others in their spiritual development, to apply the appropriate passages and messages during services and ceremonies, or for theological learning.

  • Represent religious institution

    Perform public functions as a representative of a religious institution, which strive to promote the institution and its activities and strive for accurate representation and inclusion in umbrella organisations.

  • Promote religious activities

    Promote events, attendance to religious services and ceremonies, and the participation in religious traditions and festivities in a community in order to enhance the role religion plays in that community.

  • Present a cause

    Present the motives and objectives of a certain cause, such as a charity cause or political campaign, to individuals or larger audience in order to gather support for the cause.

  • Ensure cross-department cooperation

    Guarantee communication and cooperation with all the entities and teams in a given organisation, according to the company strategy.

  • Conduct religious missions

    Conduct missions, developed in a religious context, in foreign countries in order to provide aid and charity services, teach locals on religious matters and found religious organisations in the mission area.

  • Provide charity services

    Provide services for charity causes, or perform an independent activity related to community service, such as providing food and shelter, performing fundraising activities for charitable causes, gathering support for charity, and other charitable services.

  • Guide conversion

    Guide individuals who wish to change their faith in the processes related to the conversion to a particular religion, in their religious development on their new religious path, and performing the conversion itself.

Optional knowledge and skills

reinforce positive behaviour conduct educational activities manage fundraising activities prepare religious services perform fundraising activities perform church service administer prescribed medication teach housekeeping skills handle conflicts support other national representatives handle medical emergencies without doctor keep task records perform religious ceremonies build community relations write situation reports preventive medicine liaise with local authorities maintain relations with local representatives provide spiritual counselling

Source: Sisyphus ODB