Profession monk / nun

Monks/nuns dedicate themselves to a monastic lifestyle. They vow to take part in sprititual works as part of their religious community. Monks/nuns take part in daily prayer and often live in self-sufficient monasteries or convents alongside other monks/nuns.

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  • Theology

    The study of systematically and rationally understanding, explaining, and criticising religious ideas, concepts, and all things divine.

  • Prayer

    The spiritual act of worship, thanksgiving or request for help to a deity.

  • Monasticism

    The devotion of one's life to spirituality and the rejection of worldly pursuits such as material goods.


  • Observe confidentiality

    Observe the set of rules establishing the nondisclosure of information except to another authorised person.

  • Show empathy

    Show empathy in order to prevent any kind of symbolic violence and isolation and to guarantee a considerate attention to everyone. It should include a capacity to understand various verbal and non-verbal communication of sentiment and feeling.

  • Establish collaborative relations

    Establish a connection between organisations or individuals which may benefit from communicating with one another in order to facilitate an enduring positive collaborative relationship between both parties.

  • Promote religious activities

    Promote events, attendance to religious services and ceremonies, and the participation in religious traditions and festivities in a community in order to enhance the role religion plays in that community.

  • Interpret religious texts

    Interpret the contents and messages of religious texts in order to develop spiritually and help others in their spiritual development, to apply the appropriate passages and messages during services and ceremonies, or for theological learning.

Optional knowledge and skills

represent religious institution hinduism teach religious texts follow work schedule harvest crop perform ritual cleaning activities perform religious ceremonies memorise script perform church service christianity build community relations vocal techniques provide charity services conduct educational activities islam respond to enquiries apply teaching strategies accounting techniques apply intercultural teaching strategies foster dialogue in society show intercultural awareness buddhism organise labour liaise with local authorities judaism bible texts welcome tour groups prepare religious services use cooking techniques sing crop production principles

Source: Sisyphus ODB