Profession Non-commissioned officer armed forces

Non-commissioned officer armed forces

Non-commissioned officers (armed forces) command, train and motivate soldiers for both peacetime and wartime tasks. They work at the middle management level within the Army.

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Tasks non-commissioned officer armed forces

  • Train and exercise using various military equipment and tactics, and provide training to the soldiers.
  • Look after the discipline, welfare and career development of the soldiers under their command.
  • Communicate effectively to subordinates, colleagues and professional and community groups, both orally and in writing, through briefings, operational reports and presentations.
  • Monitor, operate, service and repair military equipment.
  • Command soldiers in the front line of battle.
  • Prepare new or modify existing operational strategies and plans.
  • Stand watch and guard military establishments and other buildings.
  • Patrol areas of possible military activity.
  • Engage in peacekeeping operations and enforce ceasefire agreements.
  • Provide aid in emergency situations, such as civil disorder, natural disasters and major accidents.
  • Participate in soldier recruiting process.
  • Perform administrative duties.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB