Profession policy manager

Policy managers are responsible for managing the development of policy programs and ensuring that the strategic objectives of the organization are met. They oversee the production of policy positions, as well as the organization's campaign and advocacy work in fields such as environmental, ethics, quality, transparency, and sustainability.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Investigative


  • Corporate social responsibility

    The handling or managing of business processes in a responsible and ethical manner considering the economic responsibility towards shareholders as equally important as the responsibility towards environmental and social stakeholders.

  • Business analysis

    The research field which addresses the identification of business needs and problems and the determination of the solutions that would mitigate or prevent the smooth functioning of a business. Business analysis comprises IT solutions, market challenges, policy development and strategic matters.

  • Strategic planning

    The elements defining the foundation and core of an organisation such as its mission, vision, values, and objectives.

  • Organisational policies

    The policies to achieve set of goals and targets regarding the development and maintenance of an organisation.


  • Advise on efficiency improvements

    Analyse information and details of processes and products in order to advise on possible efficiency improvements that could be implemented and would signify a better use of resources.

  • Integrate strategic foundation in daily performance

    Reflect on the strategic foundation of companies, meaning their mission, vision, and values in order to integrate this foundation in the performance of the job position.

  • Develop company strategies

    Envision, plan, and develop strategies for companies and organisations aimed at achieving different purposes such as establishing new markets, refurbishing the equipment and machinery of a company, implementing pricing strategies, etc.

  • Ensure compliance with policies

    To ensure compliance with legislation and company procedures in respect of Health and Safety in the workplace and public areas, at all times. To ensure awareness of and compliance with all Company Policies in relation to Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities in the workplace. To carry out any other duties which may reasonably be required.

  • Monitor company policy

    Monitor the company's policy and propose improvements to the company.

Optional knowledge and skills

analyse legislation design advocacy campaigns coordinate waste management procedures marketing department processes manage advocacy strategies engineering principles environmental legislation use different communication channels airport environmental regulations advise on mining environmental issues identify legal requirements data mining legal department processes analyse environmental data interpret business information create advocacy material sales department processes gather feedback from employees environmental threats ensure products meet regulatory requirements develop environmental remediation strategies perform business analysis manage budgets liaise with managers make strategic business decisions evaluate performance of organisational collaborators update licenses sales strategies implement environmental action plans public health identify suppliers accounting department processes supervise advocacy work identify undetected organisational needs align efforts towards business development improve business processes use consulting techniques apply strategic thinking conduct field work implement strategic planning liaise with government officials risk management develop organisational policies business process modelling demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability perform data analysis law enforcement advise on waste management procedures report on environmental issues impart business plans to collaborators create a work atmosphere of continuous improvement recommend product improvements supply chain management monitor customer behaviour disseminate internal communications operations department processes advise on environmental remediation management department processes meet the requirements of legal bodies continuous improvement philosophies implement operational business plans human resources department processes patents tax legislation advise on legal decisions track key performance indicators financial products data models manage project metrics get involved in the day-to-day operation of the company keep updated on innovations in various business fields quality standards pollution legislation financial department processes pollution prevention company policies banking activities advise on communication strategies contact scientists intellectual property law provide feedback on job performance analyse the context of an organisation provide legal advice define organisational standards advise on financial matters project management enforce financial policies provide improvement strategies develop environmental policy perform market research process commissioned instructions environmental policy develop licensing agreements implement strategic management business management principles analyse scientific data monitor compliance with licensing agreements deliver business research proposals coordinate airport environmental policies communicate with banking professionals health and safety regulations carry out environmental audits advise on tax policy international trade follow environmental protection standards gather technical information revise drafts made by managers statistics imprint visionary aspirations into the business management financial jurisdiction promote environmental awareness organise business documents wildlife projects waste management copyright legislation integrate headquarter's guidelines into local operations assess groundwater environmental impact corporate law prepare licence agreements sas language train employees analyse supply chain strategies follow the statutory obligations government policy manage business knowledge manage import export licenses ensure compliance with environmental legislation analyse production processes for improvement perform business research ensure compliance with company regulations develop revenue generation strategies promote organisational communication business intelligence coordinate environmental efforts lead managers of company departments analyse enforceability support managers liaise with politicians ensure compliance with legal requirements statistical analysis system software interpret technical requirements

Common job titles

  • Policy programs manager
  • Property manager | scripps ranch, ca
  • Director of operations
  • T&e manager
  • Specialty underwriting manager - alternative solutions group
  • Guest experience manager
  • Strategic partner manager, communities
  • Platform partner manager, americas, workplace
  • Change management hr program manager (remote/satellite office)
  • Program and support manager