Profession political campaign officer

Political campaign officers provide support during political campaigns, advising the candidate and campaign management staff on campaign strategies and campaign staff coordination, as well as developing advertising and research strategies.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Artistic


  • Political campaigning

    The procedures involved in conducting a succesful political campaign, such as the specific research methods, promotional tools, liaising with the public, and other strategic aspects concerning the organising and conducting of political campaigns.

  • Advertising techniques

    The communication strategies intended to persuade or encourage an audience, and the different media which are used to achieve this goal.


  • Develop media strategy

    Create the strategy on the type of content to be delivered to the target groups and which media to be used, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience and the media that will be used for content delivery.

  • Advise on public relations

    Advise business or public organisations on public relations management and strategies in order to ensure efficient communication with target audiences, and proper conveying of information.

  • Liaise with colleagues

    Liaise with fellow colleagues to ensure common understanding on work related affairs and agree on the necessary compromises the parties might need to face. Negotiate compromises between parties as to ensure that work in general run efficiently towards the achievement of the objectives.

  • Analyse election procedures

    Analyse the proceedings during elections and campaigns in order to monitor the voting behaviour of the public, identify ways in which the election campaign can be improved for politicians, and to predict the election outcomes.

  • Advise on public image

    Advise a client such as a politician, artist or another individual dealing with the public on how to present themselves in a way which would gain most favour from the general public or a target audience.

  • Advise politicians on electoral procedures

    Advise politicians before and during elections on campaigning procedures and on the politician's public presentation and courses of action which may beneficially influence elections.

Optional knowledge and skills

solicit event publicity manage fundraising activities create campaign schedule communicate with media promote political campaign maintain relationships with government agencies perform public relations prepare presentation material political science election law influence voting behaviour apply knowledge of human behaviour monitor political campaigns conduct public surveys coordinate advertising campaigns analyse problems for opportunities

Common job titles

  • Community relations administrator
  • Program officer, u.s. foreign policy
  • Government and community affairs officer
  • Development officer - annual giving
  • Public information officer (daily news and multimedia coordinator)
  • Development officer, corporate relations and international coordination
  • Labor relations representative - stockton
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Officer, government relations
  • Benefits service center representative (temp to perm)