Profession producer

Producers are responsible for managing the production of music, motion pictures or series. They plan and coordinate all aspects of the production such as the direction, publication and financing. Producers oversee the production and manage all technical and logistic aspects of recording and editing.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Artistic


  • Copyright legislation

    Legislation describing the protection of the rights of original authors over their work, and how others can use it.

  • Marketing principles

    The principles of managing the relationship between consumers and products or services for the purpose of increasing sales and improving advertising techniques.

  • Project management

    Understand project management and the activities which comprise this area. Know the variables implied in project management such as time, resources, requirements, deadlines, and responding to unexpected events.


  • Develop professional network

    Reach out to and meet up with people in a professional context. Find common ground and use your contacts for mutual benefit. Keep track of the people in your personal professional network and stay up to date on their activities.

  • Manage staff

    Manage employees and subordinates, working in a team or individually, to maximise their performance and contribution. Schedule their work and activities, give instructions, motivate and direct the workers to meet the company objectives. Monitor and measure how an employee undertakes their responsibilities and how well these activities are executed. Identify areas for improvement and make suggestions to achieve this. Lead a group of people to help them achieve goals and maintain an effective working relationship among staff.

  • Analyse a script

    Break down a script by analysing the dramaturgy, form, themes and structure of a script. Conduct relevant research if necessary.

  • Assess financial viability

    Revise and analyse financial information and requirements of projects such as their budget appraisal, expected turnover, and risk assessment for determining the benefits and costs of the project. Assess if the agreement or project will redeem its investment, and whether the potential profit is worth the financial risk.

  • Apply strategic thinking

    Apply generation and effective application of business insights and possible opportunities, in order to achieve competitive business advantage on a long-term basis.

  • Manage budgets

    Conduct cost estimates and budget planning. Monitor the budget, as well as costs and expenses. Forecast the budget development continuously. Report on the budget.

  • Consult with production director

    Consult with the director, producer and clients throughout the production and post-production process.

Optional knowledge and skills

types of audiovisual formats perform project management make film shooting schedule hire background musicians film production process coordinate activities in audio recording studio carry out interviews to select artistic team members search for a suitable location supervise sound production promote music financial jurisdiction select scripts implement strategic planning audiovisual products carry out auditions use audio reproduction software direct distribution operations work with motion picture editing team record multi-track sound project management principles negotiate exploitation rights calculate production costs identify music with commercial potential audiovisual equipment sales activities negotiate publishing rights take artistic vision into account supervise sales activities negotiate with artists work with video and motion picture production team implement marketing strategies edit scripts work with playwrights operate an audio mixing console accounting techniques prepare government funding dossiers ensure fulfilment of legal requirements tax legislation liaise with financiers plan marketing strategy perform market research manage sound quality attend read-through

Common job titles

  • Creative coordinator
  • Technical lead, experience studios
  • Production lead, scripted (originals), youtube
  • Producer / project manager (video production)
  • Associate producer, video production
  • Creative producer - the studio
  • Producer, branded & original content
  • Video producer
  • Associate producer, multi-platform content