Profession religion scientific researcher

Religion scientific researchers study concepts related to religions, beliefs and spirituality. They apply rationality in the pursue of morality and ethics by studying of scripture, religion, discipline, and divine law.

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Personality Type

  • Social / Artistic
  • Enterprising / Social


  • Religious studies

    Study of religious behaviour, beliefs, and institutions from a secular point of view and based on methodologies from various fields such as anthropology, sociology, and philosophy.

  • History of theology

    The study of the development and evolution of theology throughout history.

  • Scientific research methodology

    The theoretical methodology used in scientific research involving doing background research, constructing an hypothesis, testing it, analysing data and concluding the results.

  • Theology

    The study of systematically and rationally understanding, explaining, and criticising religious ideas, concepts, and all things divine.


  • Apply scientific methods

    Apply scientific methods and techniques to investigate phenomena, by acquiring new knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.

  • Perform scientific research

    Gain, correct or improve knowledge about phenomena by using scientific methods and techniques, based on empirical or measurable observations.

  • Interpret religious texts

    Interpret the contents and messages of religious texts in order to develop spiritually and help others in their spiritual development, to apply the appropriate passages and messages during services and ceremonies, or for theological learning.

Optional knowledge and skills

work within communities do historical research conduct religious missions assist families in crisis situations develop policies on religion-related matters teach religious texts develop scientific theories train religious professionals pedagogy prepare religious services history provide spiritual counselling conduct qualitative research promote religious activities apply teaching strategies write research proposals philosophy perform religious ceremonies write scientific papers rhetoric ethics logic

Common job titles

  • Research associate
  • Research scientist
  • Scientific researcher / sr. scientific researcher, antibody engineering
  • Sr. scientific researcher, biology
  • Postdoctoral researcher - geophysical subsurface imaging
  • Security researcher
  • Scientific editor