Profession Seaman (armed forces)

Seaman (armed forces)

Seamen, military operations crew members provide collective defence measures to protect their country's waters and other interests. They are employed by the Navy.

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Tasks seaman (armed forces)

  • Train and exercise using various military equipment and tactics.
  • Operate and maintain the ship's weapons, electronic systems and sensors.
  • Operate the ship's communication systems.
  • Stand watch for security, navigation or communications.
  • Operate and maintain on-deck equipment and ship rigging.
  • Operate hoists, cranes and winches to load cargo or set gangplanks.
  • Handle lines to secure vessels to wharves or other ships.
  • Attend fire fighting and damage control exercises.
  • Attend crews painting and maintaining decks and sides of ships.
  • Engage in peacekeeping operations and enforce ceasefire agreements.
  • Provide aid in emergency situations, such as civil disorder, natural disasters and major accidents.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB