Profession Soldier


Soldiers, military operations crew members provide collective defence measures to protect their country`s territory and other interests. They are employed by the Army.

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Tasks soldier

  • Train and exercise using various military equipment and tactics.
  • Take part in military operations, e.g. capture or destroy enemy ground forces and repel enemy attacks.
  • Monitor, operate, service and repair military equipment.
  • Set up camouflage and other protective barriers, and dig trenches and bunkers for protection against attacks.
  • Drive vehicles to transport troops, weapons and supplies.
  • Parachute from troop transport aeroplanes while carrying weapons and supplies.
  • Operate communications and signal equipment.
  • Stand watch and guard military establishments and other buildings.
  • Patrol areas of possible military activity and carry out scouting missions to spot enemy movements and locations.
  • Report to the commanders about performed operations and cases where the rules of military code were broken.
  • Engage in peacekeeping operations and enforce ceasefire agreements.
  • Provide aid in emergency situations, such as civil disorder, natural disasters and major accidents.

Related professions armed forces

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Source: Sisyphus ODB