Profession specialised doctor

Specialised doctors prevent, diagnose and treat diseases depending on their medical or surgical specialty.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Social


  • Provide healthcare services to patients in specialised medicine

    In the exercise of the medical doctor`s profession, provide healthcare services to patients within a special field of medicine in order to assess, maintain or restore patients` state of health.

Optional knowledge and skills

ophthalmology dermatology advise on pregnancies at risk gastroenterology obstetrics and gynaecology anaesthetics paediatrics thoracic surgery conduct health related research dermato-venereology provide care for a patient group with specific characteristics occupational medicine diagnostic radiology venereology manage a healthcare unit budget emergency medicine rheumatology biological haematology tropical medicine employ foreign languages in care maxillofacial surgery geriatrics microbiology-bacteriology gastroenterological surgery vascular surgery manage a multidisciplinary team involved in patient care pathological anatomy radiology neurological surgery general surgery contribute to education in medicine allergology physiotherapy nuclear medicine community medicine pharmacology child psychiatry clinical biology immunology employ foreign languages for health-related research neuropsychiatry psychiatry respiratory medicine orthopaedics general haematology otorhinolaryngology paediatric surgery stomatology radiotherapy maxillo-facial, oral, and dental surgery endocrinology renal diseases cardiology general medicine biological chemistry plastic surgery clinical neurophysiology urology neurology communicable diseases