Profession storyboard artist

Storyboard artists draw out the scenes of a motion picture or television series according to the script in order to see what will be possible during production. They work together with the producer and video and motion picture director.

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Personality Type

  • Artistic / Investigative


  • Film production process

    The various development stages of making a film, such as scriptwriting, financing, shooting, editing, and distribution.

  • Graphic design

    The techniques to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

  • Personal directing styles

    Be familliar with the style of specific directors.

  • Copyright legislation

    Legislation describing the protection of the rights of original authors over their work, and how others can use it.


  • Present storyboard

    Present finished storyboard to the producer and video and motion picture director. Make adaptations when necessary.

  • Study media sources

    Study various media sources such as broadcasts, print media, and online media in order to gather inspiration for the development of creative concepts.

  • Develop creative ideas

    Developing new artistic concepts and creative ideas.

  • Use storyboards

    Use a graphic presentation to convey, shot by shot, your creative vision and ideas on how a motion picture should look in terms of light, sound, visuals, costumes or make-up.

  • Manage feedback

    Provide feedback to others. Evaluate and respond constructively and professionally to critical communication from colleagues and customers.

  • Adapt to type of media

    Adapt to different types of media such as television, movies, commercials, and others. Adapt work to type of media, scale of production, budget, genres within type of media, and others.

  • Select illustration styles

    Select the appropriate style, medium, and techniques of illustration in line with the needs of the project and client's requests.

  • Consult with production director

    Consult with the director, producer and clients throughout the production and post-production process.

  • Consult with producer

    Consult with a motion picture producer about requirements, deadlines, budget, and other specifications.

  • Analyse a script

    Break down a script by analysing the dramaturgy, form, themes and structure of a script. Conduct relevant research if necessary.

  • Follow work schedule

    Manage the sequence of activities in order to deliver completed work on agreed deadlines by following a work schedule.

Optional knowledge and skills

use digital illustration techniques photography manage budgets multimedia systems ict software specifications create sketches create original drawings create digital images cameras create animated narratives use traditional illustration techniques apply 3d imaging techniques develop animations perform image editing work with playwrights design graphics create 2d painting