Profession street sweeper

Street sweepers operate sweeping equipment and machinery to remove waste, leaves or debris from streets. They maintain records of sweeping operations and maintain, clean and perform minor repairs to the equipment used.

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  • Cleaning industry health and safety measures

    Preventive and interventional methods used in the cleaning industry to maintain health and safety for all workers and tertiary persons.

  • Safe street sweeping procedures in traffic

    Practices related to sweeping streets in traffic in a safely manner, respecting traffic rules and stationary places.

  • Local geography

    The range of physical and geographical properties and descriptions of a local area, by street names and not only.

  • Discharge of collected waste

    The procedures to be followed to discharge the collected waste safely and in the designated place for doing this.


  • Maintain cleaning equipment

    Clean and preserve the equipment and material used for cleaning purposes in a proper state.

  • Carry out pressure washing activities

    Use high pressure equipment in order to clean areas, surfaces and materials.

  • Maintain street sweeping machine

    Monitor sweeper to ensure a good operating condition by checking fuel levels, air pressure, and hydraulic systems.

  • Ensure compliance with waste legislative regulations

    Implement and monitor company procedures for the collection, transport and disposal of waste, in compliance with all regulations and legal requirements.

  • Use personal protection equipment

    Make use of protection equipment according to training, instruction and manuals. Inspect the equipment and use it consistently.

  • Manage collected waste

    Move the collected debris and waste to the designated collection point and dispose it according to legal and organisational requirements.

  • Perform cleaning activities in an outdoor environment

    Adapt the cleaning working methods and procedures to the environmental conditions and adapt to weather conditions such as rain, strong wind or snow, when this affects the performance of the equipment or machinery that is being used.

  • Operate mechanical street sweeping equipment

    Use and adjust accordingly mechanical equipment such as vacuums, guards, sprayer or water hoses used to eliminate street debris.

  • Vacuum street debris

    Use vacuum machinery to collect and remove waste or leaves in urban areas.

Optional knowledge and skills

complete report sheets of activity perform cleaning activities in an environmentally friendly way waste transport legislation handle chemical cleaning agents clean confined spaces operate motorised street sweeping machine adapt to different weather conditions perform emergency street clean ups graffiti removal techniques perform street cleaning manually drive vehicles carry out cleaning of road drains mechanics