Profession Sweeper, street cleaner

Sweepers and related labourers sweep and clean streets, parks, airports, stations and other public places. Messengers, package deliverers and luggage porters carry and deliver messages, packages and other items within an establishment or between establishments, to households and elsewhere, or carry luggage especially at hotels, stations and airports.

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Related professions cleaning

  • Aircraft cleaner
  • Building exterior cleaner
  • Building exterior sandblaster
  • Carpet or furniture cleaner
  • Chimney sweep
  • Cleaner cruise ships, ferries
  • Cleaner in hotels
  • Cleaner laboratory equipment
  • Cleaner of boilers, tanks
  • Cleaner train, tram, metro, bus
  • Cleaning worker, all other
  • Domestic cleaner
  • First line supervisor of cleaning workers
  • Garbage collector
  • Graffiti cleaner
  • Janitor
  • Sewer pipe cleaner
  • Window cleaner

Source: Sisyphus ODB