Profession tourism policy director

Tourism policy directors develop and implement policies to improve tourism to their region. They develop marketing plans to promote the region in foreign regions, and monitor the operation of the tourism industry. They conduct research to investigate how tourism policies could be improved and implemented and investigate the benefits of the tourism industry to the government.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Investigative


  • Environmental impact of tourism

    The study of the environmental impact of travel and tourist activities on tour destinations.

  • Tourist resources of a destination for further development

    The study of touristic resources in a specific area and its potential for further development of new touristic services and events.

  • Tourism market

    The study of the tourism market on a international, regional and local level and considering worldwide tourist destinations.


  • Develop tourism policies

    Develop strategies for the improvement of the tourism market and operations in a country, and to promote the country as a tourism destination.

  • Coordinate public-private partnerships in tourism

    Oversee public and private partners to achieve touristic development.

  • Deliver presentations on tourism

    Make presentations about the tourism industry in general and about specific tourist attractions.

  • Assess an area as a tourism destination

    Evaluate an area by analysing its typology, characteristics and its application as a tourist resource.

Optional knowledge and skills

manage production of destination promotional materials government policy implementation advise on foreign affairs policies scientific research methodology foreign affairs manage distribution of destination promotional materials show intercultural awareness geographical areas relevant to tourism marketing principles develop international cooperation strategies manage government policy implementation perform public relations speak different languages plan event marketing for promotional campaigns build international relations present reports report analysis results analyse foreign affairs policies build a strategic marketing plan for destination management foreign affairs policy development