Profession water quality analyst

Water quality analysts safeguard the quality of water through scientific analysis, ensuring quality and safety standards are met. They take samples of the water and perform laboratory tests, and develop purification procedures so it can serve as drinking water, for irrigation purposes, and other water supply purposes.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Enterprising


  • Chemical processes

    The relevant chemical processes used in manufacture, such as purification, seperation, emulgation and dispergation processing.

  • Laboratory techniques

    Techniques applied in the different fields of natural science in order to obtain experimental data such as gravimetric analysis, gas chromatography, electronic or thermic methods.

  • Water chemistry analysis

    Principles of complex water chemistry.


  • Perform laboratory tests

    Carry out tests in a laboratory to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific research and product testing.

  • Record test data

    Record data which has been identified specifically during preceding tests in order to verify that outputs of the test produce specific results or to review the reaction of the subject under exceptional or unusual input.

  • Prepare chemical samples

    Prepare the specific samples such as gas, liquid or solid samples in order for them to be ready for analysis, labeling and storing samples according to specifications.

  • Measure water quality parameters

    Measure water quality parameters: temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH, N2, NO2,NH4, CO2, turbidity, chlorophyll. Monitor microbiological water quality.

  • Perform water chemistry analysis

    Perform water chemistry analysis

  • Use personal protection equipment

    Make use of protection equipment according to training, instruction and manuals. Inspect the equipment and use it consistently.

  • Develop water purification methods

    Develop strategies for the development and use of water purification equipment and plans, by aiding in the design of equipment, planning purification procedures, and identifying the necessary actions and potential risks.

  • Test chemical samples

    Perform the testing procedures on the already prepared chemical samples, by using the necessary equipment and materials. Chemical sample testing involves operations such as pipetting or diluting schemes.

  • Perform water testing procedures

    Conduct testing procedures on water quality, such as pH tests and dissolved solids. Understand instrumentation drawings.

  • Interpret scientific data to assess water quality

    Interpret biological and physico-chemical data to assess water quality.

Optional knowledge and skills

analyse environmental data use water disinfection equipment develop environmental remediation strategies report on environmental issues advise on pollution prevention advise on soil and water protection water reuse manage chemical testing procedures calibrate laboratory equipment pollution prevention manage water quality testing collect samples for analysis test samples for pollutants report pollution incidents analyse experimental laboratory data promote environmental awareness water policies maintain test equipment fish identification and classification botany monitor water quality report test findings microbiology-bacteriology advise on environmental remediation environmental legislation develop scientific research protocols ensure compliance with environmental legislation supervise laboratory operations

Common job titles

  • Environmental scientist - water resources management
  • Water quality monitoring coordinator i
  • Ultrapure water specialist
  • Laboratory technician i - part-time
  • Cad engineer i - capital improvement & preservation unit
  • Analyst ii, qc microbiology
  • Qa analyst - williamson 6:00 pm - 6:30 am
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Environmental program manager i , pcn 18-7831
  • Research analyst, environmental programs group