Profession acoustical engineer

Acoustical engineers study and apply the science of sound to various applications. They work in a wide range of areas including the consultation of the acoustics and elements affecting the transmission of sound in spaces for performances or recording activities. They can also consult on the levels of noise contamination for those activities that require compliance with standards on that matter.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Artistic


  • Acoustics

    The study of sound, its reflection, amplification and absorption in a space.

  • Engineering processes

    The systematic approach to the development and maintenance of engineering systems.

  • Engineering principles

    The engineering elements like functionality, replicability, and costs in relation to the design and how they are applied in the completion of engineering projects.

  • Acoustical engineering

    The engineering discipline that applies acoustics to design new technologies to reduce unwanted noise, to create applications of ultrasound, to improve the acoustics in concert halls, etc.


  • Adjust engineering designs

    Adjust designs of products or parts of products so that they meet requirements.

  • Approve engineering design

    Give consent to the finished engineering design to go over to the actual manufacturing and assembly of the product.

  • Perform scientific research

    Gain, correct or improve knowledge about phenomena by using scientific methods and techniques, based on empirical or measurable observations.

Optional knowledge and skills

draft design specifications audio editing software use sound measuring instruments design transportation systems develop product design design principles electrical engineering create software design advise architects examine engineering principles architecture regulations building codes advise on building matters operate audio-signal processors physics audio technology develop audio system designs computer science ensure compliance with noise standards

Common job titles

  • Entry/mid-level acoustical engineer
  • Noise and vibration engineer
  • Acoustic engineer for wireless headphones and personal audio products
  • Acoustic engineer for wireless headphones and personal audio
  • Lab support specialist
  • Recent grads - lab engineer
  • Chemical process research engineer
  • Acoustic engineer
  • Broadcast design engineer, event production
  • Acoustical engineer