Profession air traffic safety technician

Air traffic safety technicians perform technical tasks concerning the design, installation, management, operation, maintenance and repair of air traffic control and air navigation systems. operation, maintenance and repair of air traffic control and air navigation systems.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Investigative
  • Enterprising / Conventional

Related professions air transport


  • Electrical systems used in transportation

    Understand the functioning of electrical systems, their specifications, and application in operations and systems for the transportation of freight and people.

  • Airport safety regulations

    Know airport safety regulations and instructions.

  • Surveillance radars

    Know that Mode A/C Secondary Surveillance Radar stations continuously interrogate all aircraft within their range. Know that Mode S Secondary Surveillance Radar stations carry out interrogations of aircraft within their coverage.

  • Electronics

    The functioning of electronic circuit boards, processors, chips, and computer hardware and software, including programming and applications. Apply this knowledge to ensure electronic equipment runs smoothly.

  • Airport electrical systems

    Know the different elements that comprise airport electrical systems, such as air navigation equipment, electronic landing aids, radars, and meteorological services. Know the function and operation of each of these elements.

  • Aircraft flight control systems

    Know the setting, features and operation of aircraft flight control systems. Manage flight control surfaces, cockpit controls, connections, and operating mechanisms required to control the flight direction of an aircraft. Operate aircraft engine controls in order to change aircraft speed.

  • Technical drawings

    Drawing software and the various symbols, perspectives, units of measurement, notation systems, visual styles and page layouts used in technical drawings.

  • Safety engineering

    The engineering discipline used to ensure that systems, machines and equipment work according to the set safety standards and laws, such as environmental law.

  • Common aviation safety regulations

    The body of legislation and regulations that apply to the field of civil aviation at regional, national, European and International levels. Understand that regulations aimed at protecting citizens at all times in civil aviation; ensure that operators, citizens, and organisations comply with these rules.

  • Air transport law

    Know air transport laws and regulations. Due to the nature of aviation, knowledge of air transport laws partially overlaps with knowledge of international law.


  • Maintain electronic equipment

    Check and repair electronic equipment. Detect malfunction, locate faults and take measures to prevent damage.

  • Comply with air traffic control operations

    Act in compliance with instruction provided by air traffic controllers.

  • Use testing equipment

    Use equipment to test performance and operation of machinery.

  • Install electrical and electronic equipment

    Install equipment which is dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields in order to work, or equipment to generate, transfer or measure such currents and fields. This equipment includes switchboards, electric motors, generators or direct current systems.

  • Ensure aircraft compliance with regulation

    Ensure that every aircraft complies with applicable regulation and all components and equipment have officially valid components.

  • Apply safety measures

    Perform tasks and operations taking into account the safety regulations and standards and applying them in order to prevent incidents or hazards.

Optional knowledge and skills

debug software assess operating cost address aircraft mechanical issues manage air navigation services electrical engineering aviation meteorology design electronic systems ensure safety in international aviation aircraft mechanics air traffic control operations test circuitry aviation english install software types of aircraft operate cockpit control panels inspect aircraft for airworthiness use meteorological information global navigation satellite system performance parameters perform aircraft maintenance test electrical equipment air traffic management oversee quality control design control systems design electrical systems use technical drawing software

Common job titles

  • Safety & health technician
  • Deployment technician ii - dallas
  • Tire technician 2
  • Collection systems technician trainee i
  • Environmental field technician
  • Safety technician
  • Maintenance technicians – multiple non-permanent positions
  • Operator technician
  • Field industrial hygienist / asbestos technician