Profession amusement and recreation attendant

Amusement and recreation attendants perform a variety of attending duties at amusement or recreation facility. They may schedule the use of recreation facilities, maintain and provide equipment to participants of sporting events or recreational pursuits or operate amusement concessions and rides.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Amusement park emergency procedures

    Stay informed about shutdown and emergency evacuation procedures for amusement parks.


  • Announce amusement park attractions

    Announce and promote amusement park attractions, games and entertainment to potential visitors.

  • Direct amusement park clients

    Guide visitors to rides, seats, and attractions.

  • Provide amusement park information

    Inform park visitors about entertainment facilities, rules and regulations.

  • Clean amusement park facilities

    Eliminate dirt, rubbish or impurities in park facilities such as booths, sporting equipment, vehicles and rides.

  • Operate amusement rides

    Operate mechanical devices or automated equipment in amusement parks, carnivals, or recreational areas.

  • Tend amusement park booths

    Occupy booths in amusement parks or carnivals; perform duties such as conducting games; take pictures of visitors, award trophies and prizes.

  • Assist amusement park visitors

    Assist visitors entering or exiting rides, boats, or ski lifts.

  • Monitor amusement park safety

    Follow up activities to ensure permanent safety and decent behaviour of park visitors; remove unruly visitors if needed.

Optional knowledge and skills

schedule recreation facilities validate amusement park tickets fasten safety devices maintain amusement park equipment serve beverages sell amusement park tickets issue sport equipment