Profession Asbestos removal worker

Asbestos removal worker

Asbestos removal workers remove asbestos from buildings and facilities.

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Tasks asbestos removal worker

  • Prepare work sites, e.g. erect barriers and scaffolding.
  • Select or request equipment and machines, transport and set them up.
  • Locate the indentified asbestos that needs to be removed, e.g. using monitoring devices.
  • Wear respirators for protection from dangerous airborne particles and suits that completely protect from hazardous materials (e.g. disposable or reusable overalls, gloves, hardhats, shoe covers, safety glasses or goggles, chemical-resistant clothing, face shields and devices to protect hearing).
  • Perform demolition and deconstruction work.
  • Remove asbestos from the surfaces of walls and structures, using various hand and power tools (e.g. vacuums and scrapers).
  • Package, transport and dispose of asbestos in a safe manner.
  • Respond to accidents and emergencies, and clean up after accidents.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB