Profession auctioneer

Auctioneers value objects and sell them to the highest bidders at an auction.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional
  • Enterprising / Investigative

Related professions brokerage

  • Ship broker
  • Stock broker
  • Trade broker


  • Items specialty available for auction

    Nature of the items to be auctioned such as overstock furniture, real estate, livestock, etc.

  • Product comprehension

    The offered products, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Auction characteristics

    Specifications of auctions and different auction types, e.g. open vs. closed auctions; bidding strategies such as chandelier bids, bid shading, etc.


  • Close sales at auction

    Officially declare the items sold to the highest bidder; obtain the buyer's personal details in order to close the contract after the auction.

  • Arrange security of goods for auction

    Arrange transportation, insurance, and safety and security regulations for goods to be sold at an auction.

  • Perform auction chant

    Perform bid calling and develop an individual style with filler words and variable speed of speech

  • Select items for auction

    Research and select products to be auctioned.

  • Set auction listing agreement

    Set up a contract executed by the auctioneer and the seller; list the terms of the agreement and the rights and responsibilities of every party involved.

  • Initiate contact with sellers

    Identify sellers of commodities and establish contact.

  • Prepare for auction

    Identify and set up location for auction; prepare and display auctioned items; prepare the auction room by setting seats and microphones.

  • Comply with legal regulations

    Ensure you are properly informed of the legal regulations that govern a specific activity and adhere to its rules, policies and laws.

  • Present items during auction

    Describe auction items; provide relevant information and discuss item history and value in order to encourage bidding.

  • Facilitate the bidding process

    Set the starting bid for items to be auctioned, and continue to ask for more bids; stimulate buying desire of bidders.

  • Initiate contact with buyers

    Identify buyers of commodities and establish contact.

  • Create auction catalogue

    Compose auction catalogues with current items up for auction; include recent pictures and terms and conditions of the sale.

  • Build business relationships

    Establish a positive, long-term relationship between organisations and interested third parties such as suppliers, distributors, shareholders and other stakeholders in order to inform them of the organisation and its objectives.

  • Apply numeracy skills

    Practise reasoning and apply simple or complex numerical concepts and calculations.

  • Keep records of bid history

    Keep records of all the bids made during or after an auction.

  • Advertise auction sales

    Promote auction sales on radio and TV, in trade magazines, online and via catalogue distribution and other channels.

  • Tolerate stress

    Maintain a temperate mental state and effective performance under pressure or adverse circumstances.

Optional knowledge and skills

identify new business opportunities exude enthusiasm during the action sessions manage staff speak different languages apply conflict management art history use different communication channels

Common job titles

  • Gallery doorman
  • Territory sales manager
  • Ringman
  • Block clerk-1
  • Help wanted
  • Manheim hobby clerk-upper block
  • Auction coordinator
  • Regional auction manager - nebraska
  • Regional auction manager - north carolina
  • Abstractor coordinator (in-house)