Profession bank teller

Bank tellers deal most frequently with customers of the bank. They promote the banks products and services, and provide information about the customers personal accounts and related transfers, deposits, savings etc. They order bank cards and checks for the customers, receive and balance cash and checks and ensure compliance with internal policies. They work on client accounts, deal with payments and manage the use of vaults and safe deposit boxes

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising


  • Customer service

    Processes and principles related to the customer, client, service user and to personal services; these may include procedures to evaluate customer's or service user's satisfaction.

  • Financial products

    The different types of instruments that apply to the management of cash flow that are available on the market, such as shares, bonds, options or funds.

  • Banking activities

    The broad and continuously growing banking activities and financial products managed by banks ranging from personal banking, corporate banking, investment banking, private banking, up to insurance, foreign exchange trading, commodity trading, trading in equities, futures and options trading.

  • Financial jurisdiction

    Financial rules and procedures applicable to a certain location, whose regulatory bodies decide on its jurisdiction


  • Maintain financial records

    Keep track of and finalise all formal documents representing the financial transactions of a business or project.

  • Handle financial transactions

    Administer currencies, financial exchange activities, deposits as well as company and voucher payments. Prepare and manage guest accounts and take payments by cash, credit card and debit card.

  • Provide financial product information

    Give the customer or client information about financial products, the financial market, insurances, loans or other types of financial data.

  • Offer financial services

    Provide a broad range of financial services to clients such as assistance with financial products, financial planning, insurances, money and investment management.

  • Communicate with customers

    Respond to and communicate with customers in the most efficient and appropriate manner to enable them to access the desired products or services, or any other help they may require.

  • Produce statistical financial records

    Review and analyse individual and company financial data in order to produce statistical reports or records.

  • Convert currency

    Convert valuta from one currency to another at a financial institution such as a bank at the right exchange rate.

  • Maintain records of financial transactions

    Collate all the financial transactions done in the daily operations of a business and record them in their respective accounts.

  • Trace financial transactions

    Observe, track and analyse financial transactions made in companies or in banks. Determine the validity of the transaction and check for suspicious or high-risk transactions in order to avoid mismanagement.

Optional knowledge and skills

accounting techniques securities protect client interests economics manage digital archives operate money-processing machine obtain financial information prepare financial statements financial markets attach accounting certificates to accounting transactions foreign valuta maintain customer records health and safety regulations archive documentation related to the work manage bank vault ensure proper document management electronic communication order supplies ensure safe transport of money operate financial instruments manage vault access create a financial report advise on financial matters perform clerical duties actuarial science guarantee customer satisfaction

Common job titles

  • Teller - part time
  • Teller, full time
  • Teller
  • Teller - west branch
  • Full time bank teller
  • Teller 1, 2, or 3 ft (40 hrs.) south miami - spanish speaking preferred
  • Teller 1, 2 or 3 ft (40 hours) san jose
  • Teller - southside - taos, nm (part-time / 20 hours)
  • Client service representative